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Formative Assessment Resources for Reading and Mathematics

Designed to help educators gather dependable evidence of student learning, the Measured Progress Formative Content Bank is a set of premium formative assessment items and quizzes. Built to college and career readiness standards, the bank contains content for grades 1–12 in reading and math. This range of resources supports districts in creating high-quality common district assessments, teachers in assessing various levels of cognitive complexity, and students in reaching higher levels of rigor expected by statewide tests.

The Formative Content Bank helps you

  • Create high-rigor, well-aligned assessments for district and classroom use
  • Focus on standards that pose challenges and diagnose gaps in understanding of new concepts
  • Uncover student misconceptions and score open-ended items consistently and quickly with distractor rationales, rubrics, and scoring notes included on every item
  • Get instant feedback on progress, promoting engagement in the formative assessment feedback loop
  • Gather evidence of student learning, to improve academic achievement

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