eMPower Assessments for Districts

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Show student growth, connected to the SAT

eMPower AssessmentsTM  by Measured Progress provide the only assessment solution for grades 3–8 that gives a direct predictive connection to the SAT® Suite of Assessments. eMPower provides valid and reliable data to:

  • Measure student growth over time on a consistent score scale
  • See student progress toward meeting state and national standards
  • Plan for student college and career readiness
  • Reduce redundant, disconnected testing and gain instruction time

eMPower Assessments for districts:

  • Include interim assessments and classroom formative resources built to college and career readiness standards
  • Cover reading, writing and language, and mathematics
  • Can be administered up to 3 times a year, in the fall, winter, and spring
  • Deliver immediate score reporting

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